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MessageSujet: Vco en francais ?   Vco en francais ? Icon_minitimeJeu 25 Mar - 3:56

Voila voulant savoir si il avait des projet dans l'avenir pour creer des serveurs francais ou autres langues j'ai poser la question au support.

Tom 01:39:04
Hello, My name is Tom, Welcome to Voyage Century Online LIve Support, what can I do for yo today?

Tom 01:39:07
Hello, Glad to see you today!

jonat17 01:39:11

jonat17 01:39:22
I would like to know if you have of future project of creation of a French server
sorry for my english

Tom 01:40:38
Do you mean the server for the French players especially please ?

jonat17 01:41:17

jonat17 01:43:06
because, i play BBO server french but support is very very very very bad and there is many of bug ...

Tom 01:43:16
About this case, some French players talked about it with us before,
we have reported this idea to our developer to consider about it carefully
to design the game with more languages for more Non-English players.

Tom 01:43:26
All right.

Tom 01:43:39
We appreciate your idea so much.

jonat17 01:43:47
Vco have good support, gm's, no bug or little

Tom 01:45:02
We are still trying the best to cooperate with our developer on this project,
but right now we only offer English as game language at the curren version,
thank you so much for your understanding.

Tom 01:45:48
Thank you so much for your appreciation.

jonat17 01:46:03
thx you too

Tom 01:46:34
It is my honor to help you today!

Tom 01:48:21
My friend, in order to improve the quality of our serivce, please rate the service
this time on the right side of the webpage, that will be helpful for us to continue
to improve our service in the future. Thank you so much for your support and cooperation !

Tom 01:48:43
About your good idea, we will continue to concern it carefully.

Tom 01:49:12
We should and will surely concern more about our Non-English players.

Tom 01:50:17
Wish you have a nice day !
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Vco en francais ?
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